I began playing drums at the age of 15 in local bands and at the age of 18 was playing in a band called Monroe who signed to Polydor a couple of singles and a tour with Manchester band Sad Café followed, but the band didn't stay together after that tour. Heartland followed and the band recorded a great album for A&M with tours one of which was Billy Sheehans Mr. Big.  After that I toured in the UK and Europe with Ian McNabb (Icicle Works) promoting the album Truth and Beauty this included TV and Radio sessions. During that time (in 1992), I played with the Buzzcocks touring Singapore, New Zealand and Australia then going back to playing drums with McNabb. More recently I have been playing with The Norman Beaker Band, we tour around Europe taking in France, Croatia, Serbia, Italy, Russia, Spain and more recently Luxembourg, Austria, Sweden and Germany. And the 2018 Wangaratta Festival of Jazz & Blues in Australia.

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I use Sakae Drums, Paiste Cymbals and Porter & Davis Tactile Monitoring.

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